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Diesel kaufen in Wolfratshausen, Geretsried, Bad Tölz und München

For your order of diesel fuel the trading agency Helmut Hasch GmbH & Co. KG in Wolfratshausen is the perfect partner. A fast and reliable delivery is one of the duties, which the company from Wolfratshausen fulfills for more than 50 years.


Whether for your home tank for agricultural vehicles or for use on construction sites: You determine the intended use, the fuel trading company Helmut Hasch GmbH & Co. KG is responsible for the covering of your diesel-needs. Next to conventional diesel oil, the company also provides winter diesel, which is temperature resistant up to a temperature of minus 22 degrees Celsius.


Diesel: the popular fuel


The company is not only known for its low prices, but also for an absolutely speedy and reliable delivery - in an emergency within 24 hours. A 40,000 liter tank ensures that it can almost never get to delivery problems. Test the fuel trading agency Helmut Hasch GmbH & Co. KG for yourself and make your next appointment at the prestigious company in Wolfratshausen.


Cover your diesel demand at the Helmut Hasch GmbH & Co. KG


The company Helmut Hasch and its friendly staff look forward to being able to take your diesel  oil order by phone or by e-mail. We are happy to inform you on the same way about the current diesel price. We look forward to hearing from you!