Carbon trading: Pickup in Wolfratshausen
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Kohlenhandel, Kohle kaufen in Wolfratshausen

The coal trading company Helmut Hasch GmbH & Co. KG is your reliable supplier of coal and wood. Discover the entire range of products of the renowned company in Bavaria.


Everything about coal and wood: Here's what the coal trade Helmut Hasch GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in Wolfratshausen near Munich, offers. The product range is characterized by diversity and quality in equal measure. Which coal products, the company sells, you will find here.


Coal trading company Helmut Hasch GmbH & Co.KG: product range


Whether pickup or delivery: The carbon trading company Helmut Hasch GmbH & Co. KG guarantees top quality. The following products are offered:

  • Brown coal: a traditional solid fuel for automatical stoves, cooking stoves and single ovens with a calorific value of 4500 - 7500 kWh/m3
  • Record bundle of briquet, packed 25 kgs bundle
  • Briquets, packed in 25 kgs bags
  • Coal: Recommended for high heat consumption at low ambient temperatures. Advantages: small quantity required, since high endurance burning properties
  • Domestic coal Nut III: Solid fuel for kitchen stoves
  • Forge coal Nut IV: 25 kgs bags
  • Extrazit 25 kgs bags for constant burning stoves / heating furnaces
  • Coke III on order
  • Wood, kindling, soft wood bags
  • Firewood: hardwood, beech


Your order from the carbon trading company in Wolfratshausen


You have made ??your coal-choice? Then contact the friendly staff for the coal trade in Wolfratshausen today and place your order. We look forward to hearing from you.