Founder Anton Hasch
Anton Hasch begins with the fuel trading

1951    Anton Hasch begins with the fuel trading with wood and charcoal. The sale was allocated and you could get timber and coal only on purchase warrants. The coal was picked up by the customers themselves or brought to them with a handcart.

1956    The son and founder of the current company, Helmut Hasch entered the trade and added the district of heating oil.

1957    Purchase of a 1 ton VW pickup for commercial fuel and bottled gas deliveries.

1958    Helmut Hasch established the fuel trade, and made the first step to a transportation company. A 4.5 ton dump truck was used for transporting building materials and coal. The company moved to new premises in today's industrial area Wolfratshausen.

1961 Helmut Hasch and his wife Frieda Hasch
With assistance of his wife Ms. Frieda, Helmut Hasch established the transportation business.

1961   The wife of Helmut Hasch, Mrs. Frieda Hasch joined the company.

1969    A 36 ton drawbar combination truck was purchased.

1970    The transport company has been extended by two 40 ton articulated trains. The operation areas became internationally. They conveyed the goods to Italy, Persia, Turkey and Iraq.

1972    The depot for fuel oil sales was increased to 150,000 liters. The delivery was carried out both with tank wagons on the rail as well as tank cars on the road.

1975    The private firm was given the assignment of long-distance concessions and expanded their fleet about four long-distance trucks that allowed the domestic transport in the entire Federal Republic.

1980 Truckfleet Hasch Spedition
Fleet extended to eight trucks

1980    The international long distance transport was expanded to six trucks.

1982    The daughter of Helmut Hasch, Christiane Hasch joined the company.

1985    The long distance traffic was extended to eight trucks. The premises had been increased to a warehouse and a further plot.

1986    The husband of Christiane Hasch, Heinrich Hasch joined the company. The transport company also handles freight forwarding tasks. The fleet grows to twenty vehicles.

Truck Spedition Helmut Hasch, semitrailer tractors with box trailers.
Fleet changed to semitrailer tractors with box trailers
Central building of Spedition Helmut Hasch at Wolfratshausen
Today: Modern central building with office and warehousearea's

1990    The fuel depot was expanded to 250,000 liters.

1992    The company created a new office building, the personnel base grows.

1995    The fleet was changed from plane trailer cars to semitrailer tractors with box trailers.

1999    The sole proprietorship became the Helmut Hasch GmbH & Co.KG CEO (chief executive officer) Heinrich and Helmut Hasch.

2001    The new construction of an office building and relocation of the administration.

2006    The daughter of Helmut Hasch, Claudia Sappl supports the sale of heating oil.

2007    Optimization of the free surface with heavy duty concrete slabs (1200 sqm).

2008    Investment in renewable energies. Installation of a photovoltaic system.

2009    Installation of a further photovoltaic system.

2015    March: Responsibility for Fuel Trading changed to the Company Hasch- Prankl.